Rafiki Jazz #FourthWorldMusic
“Rafiki Jazz…the best of British”
Songlines Top of the World album

Northern England’s global collective Rafiki Jazz migrate to a new utopian soundworld for their next album release ‘Saraba’ as a fitting sequel to their Transglobal World Music Chart-climbing album of devotional grooves ‘Har Dam Sahara’ (Riverboat Records)

‘Saraba (Utopia)’ is adventurous world music of our times which lands you in a kind of zone of displacement occupied by enchanted voices, deep memories & rootsy folk histories. Live-recorded in a series of studio residencies through 2018, with every cascading note you can feel the intimacy & immediacy of a Rafiki Jazz gig.

Joining the band’s compelling vocal heartbeat of Sufi Sarah Yaseen, Hebrew-Hindi troubadour Avital Raz, Egyptian Coptic maestro Mina Salama and Senegalese griot Kadialy Kouyate at the core of this band’s unique global masala, the much-loved Rafikians’ new album & selected live shows will feature some inspired guest singers including English folk icon Nancy Kerr & Gaelic rising star Kaitlin Ross.

Be taken away by music of this world and the next, to a space where kora & tabla dance with berimbau & bansuri, oud & steelpan, and much more.. Enchanting, soulful, exquisite!

Lyrics : Urdu, Hebrew, Punjabi, Mandinka, Hindi, English, Gaelic, Coptic
Onstage: kora, oud, ney, violin, steelpans, bass, berimbau, tabla, guitar, tanpura, derbuka, bansuri


Sarah Yaseen (UK/Pakistan) Urdu & Punjabi vocals, percussion
Avital Raz (Israel/UK) Hebrew & Hindi vocals, tanpura
Mina Mikhail Salama (Egypt/UK) Coptic vocals, oud, ney & kawala flutes, duduk
Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal/UK) Mandinka & Wolof vocals, kora, sabar
Cath Carr (UK/Nigeria) guitar, steelpans
Tony Koni (UK) bass guitar, sabar
Johnny Ball (UK) tabla, derbuka, santoor
Guery Tibirica (Brazil/UK) berimbau, pandeiro, gumbe
Vijay Venkat (India/UK) Carnatic violin, bansuri


2007 ‘Big Muzik from Over There’ (KoniEP2007)
2009 ‘More Big Muzik from Over There (KoniCD009)
2012 ‘No Lines No Separation’ (Vinyl 10” RR1)
2014 ‘At Kriol Junction’ (KoniCDE010)
2017 ‘Har Dam Sahara’ (TUGCD1106)
2017 ‘Rough Guide to Acoustic India’ track 04 ‘Har Chand Sahara’ (RGNET1361)
2018 ‘Rough Guide to World Music 25th Anniversary Edition’ track 01 ‘Sunno’ (RGNET1370CD)
2018 ‘Stimela! 20 Years of Refugee Week’ track 15 ‘Tasbih’(bandcamp.com)