Arriving at Lyth, North Scotland

As Rafiki Jazz;
We have arrived at the Lyth art center after midnight after 13 hours of a journey. We were at the Isle of Wight the day before for Rhythms Festival.
The scenery was spectacular.
Music arrangement-wise, it has been intense couple days. One song per day. Learning, producing, sharing, playing, singing, contributing and making it happen. Making the world to spin around us with the notes and instruments that we are. Rafiki Jazz goes through mixed feelings created in a natural spin of all the great musicians that make the band having to knead the songs; the joy- the tension- the highs and the lows. The band is a part of the hay bales that makes the landscape of North Scotland.
So far, we are happy not to have massive explosions of emotions. It is the intensity of passion we all carry in us to create the best music that could be created has driven has this far. The songs have the energy of the waves licking the rocks skirting the coastal line. We are washed with creative flow.
The time has stopped here, almost forever. Correspondence of a day is a song in our hearts. Playing-singing for up to 9 hours a day is tiring until we here the recording of the day. A blessed pleasure wraps us like a blanket.
We are missing two of our band members and we are missing them during the sessions. Hello guys, wish you were here.
So far, three songs have been recorded. Starting from ideas, each member add a flavour of their unique sound and voice in it. The grooves established, the arrangements completed and our sound engineer, Robin, pressed the record.  In some days, we did as much as 17 takes until we felt the song was completed. They are tight and full of energy.
Second day evening, we went for a short exploration to a near by castle ruins under a soft shower. The quality of air is stunning. Even couple of us managed to have a short visit to Wick museum.
Imagine 8 people in one small room all day long creating, playing, sharing and recording. Is it even possible to share that intimate time with very close family members we are not so sure. What ties us together is the music we create together. Marrying the sounds of 7 countries, 7 cultures and 9 personals.
We are sharing the house work in between us. We cook together, we eat together. It is the first time for some of us trying out each other’s food. Expension of our minds as well as our palet is marvelous.
Third day, our Gaelic singer Kaitlin joined us.
Fourth day, we had our first gig at a small town hall. We have also created some time to go over our Womad set for the following weekend.
What a journey…
Now, getting ready for our workshop at the Lyth Art Centre and then we will be preparing for the gig in the evening.