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  • Up Close Residency at Lyth Art Centre

    Up Close Residency at Lyth Art Centre

    Ayse Balko is reflecting on Project UpClose: We have reach the last day. Where has all the other days gone? Is it about the age or the never ending sensation about exhilarating time. Over all, we are exhausted. I am the minibus driver-documenter and the back ground handy woman. I am having the best of […]

  • Arriving at Lyth, North Scotland

    Arriving at Lyth, North Scotland

    As Rafiki Jazz; We have arrived at the Lyth art center after midnight after 13 hours of a journey. We were at the Isle of Wight the day before for Rhythms Festival. The scenery was spectacular. Music arrangement-wise, it has been intense couple days. One song per day. Learning, producing, sharing, playing, singing, contributing and making it happen. […]

  • First Session at Yellow Arch Studios

    First Session at Yellow Arch Studios

    An amazing start to ‘Up Close’ project was at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. We started our collaboration and sharing ideas and start making the music. The most fascinating point of when we are collaborating is that we lose time and we fly by different international melodies, rhythms, words by our musicians and singers. We […]

  • Up Close!

    Up Close!

    #weareinternational ‘a stunning, virtuosic, internationalist show’ says BBC Folk Singer of the Year Nancy Kerr Rafiki Jazz are nine native and migrant folk remixing roots music and telling modern day stories with a glance back to the ancients. Celebrating unity in diversity with their latest CD release Har Dam Sahara (Riverboat Records) Rafikian music is […]