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Release date 26th March

Eight new internationalist songs of enlightenment and change that cherish the human spirit, its joy and its fragility. The dust that is Nduggu is both physical and symbolic.



Release date 26th March

“Rafiki Jazz exemplify the moment where culture, faith, sound and spirit collide in their 5th studio album, Nduggu (pronounced ‘un-doo-goo’) meaning ‘Dust’.

The dust that is Nduggu is both physical and symbolic. Rafiki Jazz focus on the changing climate with ever-increasing desertification of Northern Africa, while dust also acts as a symbol reflecting our ultimate destiny.

The message of the title track ‘Nduggu Bouy’ challenges what is happening in the Sahel region of Africa, between the Sahara to the north and Sudan to the south. Is anyone taking notice? ‘Nduggu Bouy’ is steeped in melodic charms and smooth vocals, encapsulating the collective sounds of the band, their experiences and transitions.

The track also features the unmovable force in the fabric of Rafiki Jazz that is London-based hereditary griot: Kadialy Kouyate. Featuring his warm and soulful Fula singing and the stunning 21-string kora, Kouyate notably brings the traditional West African harp to meet traditional Southern Asian tabla drums and more…

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