Rafiki Jazz at Kriol Junction


At Kriol Junction (Konimusic 2014)

‘Dance music without beats? It can be done! Unmissable intimate & vibey grooves, dancing across world language, genre & culture frontiers’ (Songlines ****4 stars)

Kriol Junction is the meeting place for exciting new multi-language tracks captured here as a distinctive bunch of 9 new live & lovely pieces from the band & a host of guests, plus a gripping new music-doc video of the making of Insaaniyat as a bonus.



At Kriol Junction introduces fresh new music buzzing with attitude, energy and cross-cultural brilliance, featuring Rafiki Jazz regulars working with talented musicians, singers & rappers from the UK’s growing Arts & Refugees networks and beyond.

A truly collaborative initiative, mindful of heritage but pushing at the boundaries of live contemporary world music and its messages for today, created in response to the Rafikian babble of international voices & instrumental mix-ups, and to inspirational texts from the seminal and very topical 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Each track here is conceived, arranged, rehearsed and recorded live in an intensive one-day studio session, capturing the vibrancy of the moment, with all featured players and vocalists on each track taking collective songwriting & music credits.

1. Baba Superman 6.06
2. Declaration Kriol 7.02
3. Declaration Dub 4.22
4. Insaaniyat 7.47
5. Articles of Freedom 4.48
6. Tokotoko Berimbau 4.56
7. No Lines No Separation 7.28
8. Samba Miniyamba 5.37
9. Karo 5.25

plus Insaaniyat: The Video 8.0

Vocalists: Jaheda Choudhury (tr 1,3,4,5,8): Vanessa Rani Chutturghoon (tr 2,5,8): Rosanna Brown (tr 6,7,9): Sarah Yaseen (tr 2,4): Mado Bilonda (tr 7): Noah Okecho (tr 7): PK Mabuza (tr 1): Koocheh (tr 1,6,7,9): Goran Karani (tr 1): Sura Susso (tr 9): Kadialy Kouyate (tr 8): Guery Mark Tibirica (tr 6): Yaxu: live-coded vocals (tr 2,3)

Players: Cath Carr: steelpans, guitar (tr 1-8) Kadialy Kouyate: kora (tr 2,3,4,5,7,8)
Sura Susso: kora (tr 1,9) Mina Salama: oud, ney & kawala flutes (tr 2,3,4)
Arad Tamizi: daf, tanbur (tr 4,7) Johnny Ball: tabla, derbuka (tr 1-9)
Guery Mark Tibirica: berimbau, atabaque, gumbe, pandeiro (tr 1 to 6,8)
Tony ‘tk’ Koni: bass guitar (tr 1-9) Guy Profa: guitar (tr 7) Fidele Elikia Weye: keys (tr7)
Video: Joao Paulo Simoes of Frontier Media

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